Chicago Backpage Escorts: YMMV

Looking on Backpage for an escort in Chicago?

Since the US Senate published its report in January 2017, Backpage has removed its escort ads and finding a service of this nature now requires the ability to ‘read between the lines’.

In this guide to using the classified website, Backpage, to find an escort in Chicago, we look at what kind of escort service you can find on the site, the most popular locations covered and what kind of prices you can expect to pay. We also look at why ’your mileage may vary’ when it comes to what kind of experience you can expect to receive.

Using Backpage to find an escort in Chicago

Backpage’s escort ads have migrated to the ‘Dating’ section of the site since a report by the US senate pointed the finger of blame at the popular site for promoting trafficking. Keen to avoid any negative association with this kind of activity Backpage has removed its escorts section and taken steps to prevent suspicious postings. As a result, punters looking for an escort using Backpage must now navigate the ‘Dating’ sections and become well-versed in how to spot the difference between a lonely heart and a working girl.

find an escort in chicago

Looking for an escort in Chicago? Backpage is a mixed bag when it comes to results. Image via Flickr.

Generally, it isn’t hard to spot the difference but it pays to know the lingo. Working girls will call themselves body rub agents and escorts or refer to their ‘skills’, how they appeal to ‘hobbyists’ or just blatantly advertise their services. Lonely hearts ads will tend not to be as explicit in what they will do and the general rule of thumb is to assume that every ad is likely to result in your being charged for sex; even those that seem like bored housewives on the prowl may very well turn out to be professional women.

Services described are usually easy to judge from an ad but it’s always best to be 100% sure before agreeing to meet up. You can expect anything from a hand job or blow job to full service with kinky extras available with only a few women.

Women who use Backpage regularly also know how to use the icons to best use and ‘frame’ a good title. These tend to be explicit invitations to ‘play’, repetitious use of icons and a telephone number in the main header.

Most working girls also know that good quality images do all the hard work for them. In place of a wordy description, it can be easier to post high quality images in a variety of positions and outfits to entice a man in. The explicit nature of these pictures are often all the clue you will need.

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If you’re worried about a ‘bait and switch’ scam then ask your escort to send you a posed picture of your choosing. Image via Backpage.

What can you expect to pay for an escort using Backpage, Chicago?

Backpage escorts tend to be on the lower end of the pay scale with upmarket escorts usually working through regular clients, established on an independent basis or via agencies. You can expect to pay anything from $30-50 for a blow job up to around $80-100 for full service. Anything beyond the standard will cost more and is not a given with any Backpage escort.

Where can you get serviced in Chicago?

Backpage escorts cover all areas of the city including downtown, the business district and the suburbs. You can filter the results of ads online by using a keyword to ensure you don’t invoke any costly ‘mileage’ charges; however, making contact beforehand to ensure that costs are agreed up front should prevent any misunderstandings.

The most popular areas covered by Backpage escorts tend to be downtown, the West and Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

What kind of experience can you expect?

The rule of YMMV very much applies to escorts sourced via Backpage. As a free classified site with no means of monitoring or authenticating the advertisers, there is no guarantee that the ad you are responding to is quality checked or even genuine. Whilst a lot of people have had dozens of good value and well-received experiences from their Backpage excursions, a similar number of people have been ripped off, scammed or disappointed.

The most common scam on sites like Backpage is the ‘bait and switch’; an ad is posted online using photographs of a woman who looks nothing like the person you eventually meet. Many men, too horny or too embarrassed to make a complaint often part with cash irrespective whilst those men who do cause a fuss about the looks of the escort being met with loud verbal abuse; not ideal in a quiet suburb where you might be trying to be discreet.

Whilst there are no guarantees about the credentials of an escort you arrange via Backpage you can take precautions against this popular scam by asking for a photo from your ‘escort’ holding today’s newspaper or in a certain pose. This can prevent disappointment on the door.

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