Rubmaps Review: The Massage Parlor Locator

If you are looking for an adult massage with a happy ending, then Rubmaps could be the answer.

Covering every state in the US, this massage parlor locator will help you select the best adult rubs in any area. With thousands of current reviews to help you choose, Rubmaps can help you find a rub and tug near you.

Our guide on how to use Rubmaps gives you the best advice on getting the most out of this site.

Long gone are the days when finding a massage parlor meant picking up the yellow pages or thumbing through the back pages of the local rag. The internet age has many benefits not least of which has been the advent of easy and universal access to business listings.

Yet, there hasn’t always been a comprehensive listings site for adult services such as erotic massage parlors; that is, until Rubmaps filled the gap.

How does Rubmaps work?

Based solely on user-generated reviews and information, Rubmaps is a directory of US massage parlors, many of which provide adult massage with happy endings. All the information available has been exclusively submitted by the general public including location information, images and reviews. It’s a great resource for researching an adult massage parlor in the Chicago area (or anywhere across the US) before you get there.

The downside of the site is that none of the reviews can be verified and there is the possibility that some venues may have produced their own, misleading reviews. The information provided may also not be entirely factual.

However, as with a lot of peer review sites, the vast majority of reviews submitted have been produced by genuine users and can be very helpful when establishing your own opinion.

Reviews can only be submitted by registered users so it should stop the occurrence of a single user submitting multiple reviews for the same establishment. What’s more, because of the fact the site is private, reviews are usually far more candid than those you would find on sites like Yell or Google. Users generally provide a good deal more information, in a colloquial tone and using adult terminology. In short, there are plenty of honest, well-written and detailed reviews available to read.

Adult massage with happy endings

Find a massage parlor near me with Rubmaps – image courtesy of

It’s this fact that makes Rubmaps so useful. What you are getting is up to date reviews on any establishment you are thinking of visiting. When you consider that the average massage will generally cost you $60 or more it is well worth scoping out an untried establishment in advance.

The reviews

Reviews can vary depending on the user who has submitted them with some being exceptionally comprehensive, including full details of their visit with a commentary of the action along with recommendations on their masseur. Other reviews can be relatively simple with just a few brief comments on price paid and level of service received.

You can browse the site by state and then by area using the advanced search to list those venues that provide certain services – this can as specific as the ethnicity, size and looks of the individual masseur or the type of ‘extras’ you can receive. Filters include hand jobs, blowjobs and full sex.

Be aware that a lot of the sites reviewed are reported as being ‘non-erotic’ so you can know in advance whether you can expect a happy ending to your massage.

Adding a review

Contributing to the site is straightforward but will require you to have registered and confirmed your email address. The bare minimum of information required relates to factual elements of your experience such as:

  • Date of visit
  • Price paid
  • Details of service received (select from drop-down menus)
  • Rating of service received (out of five stars)
  • Details of provider (select from drop-down menus)
  • Rating of provider (out of five stars)

You must leave comments about the massage parlour in general (minimum 200 characters) and then leave a written review about the individual experience you had (minimum of 100 characters).

Rub Points

The site runs its own loyalty scheme, awarding Rub points to its members. You can earn points for:

  • Inviting friends to join Rubmaps (5 points)
  • Adding location with photo(s) (15 points)
  • Adding location without photo (10 points)
  • Adding review to a location (5 points)
  • Adding photo to a location (5 points)
  • Referring Rubmaps using unique referral code (5 points)

Points can be used (in the future) to purchase gifts and vouchers for use at certain massage parlors.

The site also runs a monthly raffle for its members with prizes available of free memberships, gift cards and Apple iPhone 7sor a MacBook Pro.

Extra features

The site has a community based forum that provides members with a great network to communicate with other users in. Topics range from advice on do’s and don’ts to experiences of specific venues.

The site also publishes irregularly to its own blog; this is an odd blog which doesn’t really match the sites content but, instead, promotes NFL football.

Paid up members can sign up for free alerts against their favourite parlors whereby any new comments, pictures or reviews about this venue will trigger an email.


Whilst access to the site is via a membership sign up, you can select from a paid subscription or a free plan.

Members on a free service can browse all listings but will only be able to read older reviews whereas fully paid up members can access all reviews.

There are two price options available for subscribers; pay monthly at $14.95 or an annual payment of $99 (44% discount off monthly costs).

As well as being able to access all user reviews of adult massage parlors across the US, subscription members also benefit from:

  • Advertisement free environment.
  • Premium avatar.
  • Custom alerts from selected massage parlors.

How to use Rub Maps for the best results?

Acknowledging that some of the reviews may well be falsified is important to establish from the outset when dealing with any review site. These are usually obvious and will be notably full of praise with no negative aspects. That out of the way, there are lots of genuine reviews on Rubmaps and the scale of their online community attests to the reliability of the information available online.

Even if a venue has given itself a glowing review, you couldn’t the fact that it then had four of five terrible reviews. For that reason, we would always suggest reading more than one review.

We would recommend using Rubmaps to get an overall picture of an establishment before visiting. Read up on the most current reviews and be wary of any site that hasn’t had any reviews for several years. Equally, if you are browsing the site on a free membership the information you can access will be quite dated.

It’s a good idea to look at the forums for your area as well just in case anything new is happening at a given venue which doesn’t fit the format of a review. Sometimes breaking news about closures or changes in management can hit the forums before the main listings are updated.

If you are a regular user of massage parlors and would like to know in advance what kind of service you can expect or prefer to get recommendations on your choice of masseur then the upgrade to a full membership will more than pay for itself in avoiding bad and disappointing experiences.