KIK Sexting: Nude Swaps, Dirty Chat and More…

Keen on sexting? Then you’ll kick yourself if you aren’t using Kik to get your kicks.

The social media/communication app, Kik is an ideal way to send explicit pictures and messages with other like-minded adults and the internet is full of great directories for finding users.

In this guide we take a look at what Kik is, how it works and where you can get the hottest usernames to start sexting with today.

What is Kik?

Similar to WhatsApp or Snapchat, Kik is a new variation on the theme of instant messaging meets social media. The app was developed in 2009 by a team in Ontario and has quickly grown to become a very real competitor for the bigger name apps. With over 300 million registered users in over 230 countries, Kik has a big following.

It isn’t designed for sexting, but for several reasons, it has emerged as one of the platforms of choice for adult flirting…

Most notably, privacy.

What is Sexting?


It’s the act of using a mobile phone to send explicit messages or photos. This can be via an app such as Kik or just using SMS.

What’s with the dirty chat and Kik sexting?

Just as Snapchat was originally designed around the concept of pictures being ‘self-deleted’, advances in communication and particularly smartphone apps go hand in hand with more adult intentions. 

It didn’t take long for Kik to grow legs of its own for this kind of application and the service has fast become synonymous with sexting.

Unlike a lot social media communication apps, Kik sexting is based solely on usernames with no personal information shared.

You can add other users (and friends) using their username and start chatting via private messaging or in groups of up to six people.

sexting with kik

Sexting. It’s what the sirens would have done.. Image via Flickr.

The service also operates what they call a ‘bot’ system which allows you to find groups and users with a shared interest. Whilst this is mostly for entertainment or networking, it has inevitably lead to an obvious use for the app; anonymous flirting via sexting.

Now, Kik wasn’t too keen on this being a feature and you can’t use the discover bots method to find other sexting aficionados but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of men and women out there who want to swap nude selfies and talk dirty on Kik.

Do you have to pay to use Kik?

The Kik app is free to download on iOS and Android devices. Sending and receiving messages via the system is also free.

However, it wasn’t long before an opportunity was spotted to monetise sexting over Kik. Plenty of users now use Kik to sell their time in a similar way to cam sites. Many are independent providers who charge by the minute/session or offer membership using an online payment processor like Payoneer or Paxum (like PayPal but adult-services friendly). There are also models who use popular camming sites alongside their Kik profiles to make money.

Some users simply sell vids and photos whilst others sell live action/sexting.

All that being said there are just as many regular guys and girls who use Kik to get their kicks for free; using the service to send/receive anonymous but explicit messages and images.

sexting on kik

It’s easy to get started but some users will charge you. Image via Kik App.

How to find people to talk dirty with on Kik

Unless you have received a username directly from someone who wants to play phone footsie then you will need to actively get out there and find people. Fortunately, there are ways to do this.

Browse for Users on Directory Sites

None of these directory sites are authorized or affiliated with Kik Interactive Inc. but are simply user-created directories of people who use the service for sexting.

Sexting on KK

A comprehensive listing site with active forums promoting all sorts of users with different interests.

The site can be used to contact other members and discuss the Kik culture but is mainly used as a directory for finding users. There is a useful search function so you can find members by location or keyword depending on what you are looking for. You can even see how well rated each member is by other users including detailed profile information, images and their activity history on the site.

Find Kik Friends

Another comprehensive site, Find Kik Friends is aimed solely at uniting users with an interest in sexting.

The difference with this site is the slightly larger thumbnails making it easier to browse users as well as being able to filter the results by age and gender. This site has also made it even easier to start a Kik chat; if you use your smartphone, you just need to hit the ‘kik me’ button to launch your app.

Find Kik Friends for Sexting

Finding Kik users for sexting is easy. Image via website.

Best Alternatives: Sites Like Kik

Like Kik but looking for some alternatives?

You’re in luck.

You’ll find plenty of sites that are even raunchier than the action typically found on Kik.

Here’s a selection of the best sites like Kik below…

My Dirty Hobby

Live camming, sexting and amateur videos.

This is Europe’s largest amateur community and it’s stacked to the rafters with horny French, German and Euro women. The site is a hybrid of amateur videos, photos, private webcam shows and sexting.

“Over 50 categories and an unlimited amount of hashtags ensure that there is no shortage of kinky fun with 370,000+ videos and over 3,80 million pictures. On top you can contact other members easily via our onsite chat or even on the go with mydirtyhobby’s mobile messenger – the hottest amateurs on the planet are instantly available on a personal level!”

Suitable for browsing on the web, or on your phone, My Dirty Hobby has plenty of amateur goodness for whittling away the midnight hours…


Phone sex directory

“Over fifteen years ago, NiteFlirt revolutionized phone sex by introducing the first and largest marketplace where you can browse through the profiles of thousands of real women home alone and call them on the telephone for the hottest phone sex. You can see their descriptions, photos, videos, prices, ratings, and honest written feedback from other callers.”

The natural progression from sexting for those who want to hear as well as see who they’re talking dirty with.

NiteFlirt is one of the largest phone sex communities on the web.

You sign up, purchase credits, browse the profiles (usefully categorised by various fetishes), and call to get your rocks off.

A simple arrangement that has served many users just fine.


Phone sex directory

“ allows you to choose from a wide range of people, all anxious to connect with you via telephone, email, chat, cams, Skype or text message. Browse our categories to find someone with similar interests, and get connected! It’s fast, easy, safe, and secure.”

Similar to NiteFlirt, TalkToMe lets you browse thousands of sexy profiles of women available to chat now.

Find one you like?

Grab some credits, call her and start chatting.

If you don’t want to call, there is the option of emailing, voicemailing, sexting or even using Skype.


Live webcamming, amateur photos and videos and private messaging. is the largest adult social platform for Models, Studios, and their fans. Models, Photographers and Studios can create their own profiles and upload photos and videos direct to The content can be uploaded as “Public” which is free for members to view, or “Private” which requires payment to view.

The main purpose of YouKandy is to provide models with a way of selling private content — photos, videos, private shows — to their fans (ie. you).

You sign up, browse the profiles, and indulge in some of the free clips and pics.

Find a model you like and there’s a buffet of premium options available for enjoying private sex shows and custom amateur photos.

Nude selfies galore…


Sexting, phone sex and video chat.

“AROUSR is a safe place where adults can connect with other consenting adults to chat, talk, exchange pictures and engage in video chat sessions using their mobile phone, tablet or computer.”

Another large community, but one that is centered around sexting and dirty chat. If you’re sick of the time wasters on Kik, Arousr is a good choice that cuts to the chase.

New members get 100 free credits to get started chatting straight away.

Extra Lunch Money

Live videos, camming and sexting.

“What makes ELM different from other “adult” sites is we only allow people who create and star in the content to sell that content. This means no 3rd party creators. Real amateur porn and custom adult content direct from the performers themselves.”

This is another one-size-fits-all amateur sex community.

Users are encouraged to sign up, buy credits, and then buy and sell custom adult videos. Models are available for texting, private SnapChats, video chat and other varieties of dirty flirting.

KIK Directory Sites

If you are set on using Kik, there are a number of sites that can greatly improve the ‘experience’.

In the same way that Kik girls are attracting attention online, you can also use the same directory services to set up your own calling card requesting users to add you for sexting.

Here are some useful bolt-on services to check out…

Kik Horny

You need to register in order to do this but the board allows you to send a very quick and simple shout out. Most guys post their dick size and most girls post their breast size but these bitesize ‘quickies’ are popular as they are an instant way to connect with people who are active online at any given time. They also tend to be used by regular users instead of the get-rich-quick members.

Sexting Forum

Not just exclusive to Kik but an adult sexting community site, you can add your username to the forum once you have registered. As with Sexting on KK, the site is very comprehensive and has an active user base sharing up to date information on good usernames all the time. You can search the forum by keywords to find other users or post your own shout out.

Best of the Rest

There are dozens of useful directories that you can find active sexting members on so we’ve put the best of the rest together to make it easier to browse for good sexting contacts. Some of these sites are more global and general directories with ‘sexting/dirty’ categories whilst others are Kik sexting specific.

Use KIK for sexting? Thoughts?!