R4R: A Guide to Reddit Personals

Confused by R4R? Want to know more about Reddit personals?

Acronyms across the internet can be confusing and R4R means many things from hook ups to right of first refusal. The popular news aggregation community, Reddit has an r4r section which is used as a personals page.

In this guide, we take a look at what r4r means on Reddit and how you can use the service to make contact with other like-minded adults.

What is Reddit?

A social aggregation site, Reddit consists entirely of a community of users who share links, information, news and stories across a huge and diverse range of categories. Members can upvote and downvote shared links and leave comments – all of which goes into how shared information is ranked in importance; sort of like a search engine but a democratic one.

The result is a vast user generated repository of useful information, where thousands of people act like a media ‘editor’ and choose what is actually worthy and what is not.

What’s r4r on Reddit?

r4r is Reddit’s personals sections and stands for ‘Redditor for Redditor’ and, with the site receiving over 542 monthly visitors, is potentially one of the largest sites of its kind.

As with other areas of Reddit, the r4r section is split into many different subreddits.

These vary from geographical groups to interests.

How can you use r4r to get a quick hook up?

Because Reddit r4r is set up in the same way as the main site, there are assorted categories (subreddits) for personals to suit a variety of people.

Personals are posted in the correct group and can be upvoted and downvoted accordingly. As with the main section of Reddit, this means that poorly constructed ads or spam very quickly gets ‘sunk’ to the bottom of a subreddit.

Subreddit, chicagor4r, has over 3500 users ranging from straight, trans and gay men and women looking for friends with benefits to those in search of a soulmate.

Predominantly men looking for women (M4F), posts can be for platonic relationships, travel buddies or just having a shared interest; however, it’s the casual encounter and friends with benefits that gets the most amount of posts.

Reddit r4r hook up

The same format as the main site, r4r is simple to use. Image via website.

However, there are dozens of subreddits that exist to match people in a variety of ways; from RandomActsofBJ (90,000+ interested members) to BDSMPersonals (23,000+ kinksters) and Dirtyr4r (66,000+ readers). The latter is a dedicated subreddit for those strictly looking for dirty chat, cam sex and casual encounters.

random acts of blowjob r4r

Subreddits like this one are understandably popular. Image via website.

How does r4r differ to Backpage, Craigslist or other online personals?

Unlike the classified personals section of a lot of sites such as Backpage or Craigslist, Reddit is a community based site which means that every ad has a member whose profile you can view.

This ensures a far greater level of authenticity for the ads posted and boosts trust.

From a user’s profile you can identify how long they have been a member of Reddit, what kind of ‘karma’ they have and their post history on the site. Regular Reddit users receive Trophies and Awards which can also help show how genuine a member is.

Due to the unique way in which you can research another member on Reddit whilst maintaining anonymity, Reddit r4r has gained a reputation for honesty and a ‘no nonsense’ approach to dating.

Who Uses r4r?

r4r is very popular with millennials who appreciate the fact that the site itself along with the people who use it are current, up-front and have no time for BS.

When compared to sites like OKCupid or Tinder, users on Reddit’s r4r are far more likely to post an honest ad, outlining exactly what they want without any ‘dressing up’.

The subreddits are explicit in their intent so there is never any excuse for misleading ads or being offended by being approached for a hook up when all you wanted was a date. The hook up subreddits are what they are and don’t pretend to be anything else – what can you misunderstand about posting on a group called ‘RandomActsofMuffDive’?

Again, compare this to Tinder whose own CEO denies that the app is aimed at hook-ups?

random acts of muff diving r4r

r4r is an authentic and genuine place with little room for misinterpretation. Image via website.

The age range of users is usually people in their 20s and 30s and tend to be professional, intelligent and largely (for some reason) liberal minded people.

That kind of demographic makes for an excellent hook-up pool.

Advice for Hooking Up on r4r

You can respond to ads posted by other users publicly or via private message or you can post your own ad if you have something specific you want to get out there.

The single most important thing to remember if you want to be successful in hooking up on r4r is to be honest. Be genuine and you will find you get far more attention than if you are trying to sell yourself, particularly if you are stretching the truth.

Lies will come back to kick your ass on Reddit.

Remember why the site is so popular and who is using; the thing they have in common is that they like being part of a community of like-minded people and they feel connected to other users via Reddit.

When responding publicly, bear in mind that your responses can be viewed on your profile and will follow you in your online Reddit user history. Posting about wanting a three-way with octogenarians might not be the best thing to have on your user record if you use it professionally.

Always stay safe when hooking up from any online source and do your own research of any users you are getting close to meeting up with.