Best Pick Up Bars in Chicago

Is there such a thing as a Chicago hookup bar?

Let’s be real. The Windy City is a metropolitan hub full of bars, clubs and restaurants for just about every taste. And just about every kind of woman.

If you are hitting Chicago looking specifically for pick up bars, there are a number of venues that draw in beautiful attractive women. We’ll look at some of the best hookup options in our mini guide below.

Of course, the most popular spots aren’t designed as ‘pick up bars’ or places for you to seek out a casual encounter. That would be pretty bad PR.

If you want to meet a genuine woman, as in — a girl who is not working the sex industry — then you better learn some subtlety if you want to have any success.

A Guide to Chicago’s Best Hookup Bars for Meeting Beautiful Women

Here are some of our choices for Chicago’s best pick up spots.

Let us know your favorites in the comments.

Le Bar
North Side 20 E Chestnut St Chicago, IL 60686

Phone: (312) 324-4000

Le Bar in Chicago

Le Bar in Chicago, pic source unknown.

There’s something inherently sexy about meeting in a hotel bar. If you’re looking to live out your Don Draper aspirations of picking up a local lady for a night of steamy passion, you can do worse than Le Bar in the Sofitel.

This venue is visually stunning with floor-to-ceiling windows, leather seating and modern fancy decor. It’s the perfect venue for a first date over drinks, but also for picking up ladies from out of town.

Cocktails are priced in the $14 to $16 range. It’s not cheap, but then neither is the standard of women you’ll find around here.

The bar is open every day from 3pm to 1am, and until 2am on weekends.

The Violet Hour
West Town, Wicker Park, 1520 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60622

Phone: (773) 252-1500

Violet Hour Bar in Chicago

Violet Hour Bar in Chicago, pic source unknown.

Like something straight out of the 1920s, this stylish bar is known as a ‘retreat’ from the outside Wicker Park and often attracts a sophisticated crowd.

The women here can be found sipping cocktails (of which, the house does a stunning job of making), and chatting in small groups after work.

This bar actively discourages use of cell phones, which adds to the friendly social vibe. Guests are encouraged to speak to each other instead of burying themselves in their screens.

There is also a policy of ‘proper attire’ and the stated rule: do not bring anybody to The Violet Hour that you wouldn’t bring to your mother’s house for Sunday dinner.

Yikes, we’re guessing that excludes most wannabe pick-up artists!

Play it cool, folks.

Liar’s Club
1665 W Fullerton Ave Chicago, IL 60614

Phone: (773) 665-1110

Liars Club in Chicago

Liar’s Club in Chicago, image via their FB page.

A significant departure from the sophistication of the bars above, Liar’s Club is a self-proclaimed dive bar that attracts a rowdy crowd in an intimate setting on W Fullerton.

The type of women you will be hooking up with here are laid back, down-to-earth and looking to have a good time.

It is alleged that the bar at Liar’s Club is haunted, which is certainly played up by the gothic interior and traditional dive bar look.

The week days tend to attract an ‘alternative’ crowd, whilst the weekends attract a slightly more mainstream bunch, including many women from out of town.

There’s a small dancefloor at the back which can get pretty hot and sweaty, plus an upstairs area that tends to be quieter and better for lounging. Not the easiest place to get to, but a great night out.

Green Door Tavern
678 N Orleans St Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: (312) 664-5496

Green Door Tavern in Chicago

Green Door Tavern in Chicago, image via their FB page.

It’s the oldest drinking establishment in all of Chicago, first opened in 1921 in a building that dates back even further to 1872.

Green Door Tavern has retained every bit of its charm and is now a vintage bar and restaurant that attracts a mixed crowd. The walls are littered with classic Windy City memorabilia.

Inside you will find a friendly atmosphere that fuses the local regulars with out-of-towners looking to sample a taste of authentic Chicago. If you are looking to hook up with a local lady, you’ll need to disarm with conversation and charm. This isn’t the place to strut your stuff on a dance-floor, or the crowd that will appreciate it!

What’s your favorite hookup bar in Chicago? Are there any venues where the women are noticeably beautiful and welcome to your advances?!

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